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These are some reasons why you should hire the best deck builders

1. Durability

Composite decks are usually durable meaning that they are protected from mold, pests like termites as compared to wooden decks. A composite deck does not crack, scratch, fade, or splinter which makes its lifespan longer as compared to other types of decks.

2. Resistance to pest, weather, and mold

Most traditional wooden decks are made using toxic pesticides and chemicals that help in protecting against mold, insects among other elements. Over time, these chemicals have effects on the soil especially after leaching where they kill soil nutrients and living organisms. Chemicals have always had safety and health issues. Therefore, considering composite decks is the best solution since they are not treated using these dangerous chemicals that can pose health risks. Composite decks have some infused plastic which makes them more resistant to elements such as pests, mold, and weather.

3. Eco-friendly

Composite decks are made of recycled materials that are environmentally sustainable meaning that they do not have any significant impact on the environment. The components of a composite deck include waste wood fibers like sawdust, grocery bags, recycled plastics, milk bags among others. Recycling all these materials save hundreds of trash that ends up in filling dumpsites. It also assists in reducing deforestation since trees will not have to be chopped down to get materials for the construction of new decks.

4. Low maintenance

Composite decks are easy to clean compared to wood decks. You only need water and soap to clean your deck. Most wood decks require maintenance after every 3 years and must also be replaced after a duration of between 10-15years which is expensive and also labor-intensive. Wooden decks need sanders and power washing machines for cleaning so that they can maintain their new look. On the other hand, composite decks do not require any staining, sanding, or sealing in order to retain their nice color. Apart from these, composite decks do not any chemical treatment.

5. High value

If you build a new composite deck or upgrade an old one, you will be adding a lot of value to your home. An appealing home will therefore attract many potential buyers if you want to sell the premises. Compared to other types of decks, a composite deck is a one-time investment that will make you save a lot of money since you only need a single installation and no periodic treatments or maintenance required like in the case of wooden decks.

These are some top benefits of composite decks. However, if you want to install composite decks, it’s essential to find a reputable and experienced deck builder like Lawrence Deck Company.

Why hire professional deck builders?

Even if you have the knowledge of how to install or repair your composite deck, you should always leave the job to professionals who have been in the field for some time. Remember that DIY sometimes can bring even more problems and expenses especially if you try to install or repair by yourself since you must then call a professional make the necessary adjustments. Below are some top reasons why you need to seek the services of Lawrence Deck Company:

a. Cost saving

Some people see hiring a professional deck builder as an expensive thing to do without knowing that it’s cost-saving. Some homeowners also say that DIY projects can save a lot for them. This is contrary to the truth since when you DIY, you will have to move up and down looking for the required materials and equipment. In the process, you will end up using a lot of money. Why don’t you hire a professional and minimize such costs?

b. Proper installation

Most homeowners think that composite decks are easy to install. The truth is that the installation process requires some skills and experience that are only found with specialists. Lawrence Deck Company will install your composite deck properly and efficiently since have the necessary tools. When you decide to do it by yourself, you will be required to look for these tools.

c. Time saving

When you hire Lawrence Deck Company, you will save a lot of time that you can use in doing other things. Remember that these experts also know how to build the deck quickly without wasting time meaning that you won’t have to close your business a whole day to come and supervise the job. Your composite decks will be installed within the shortest time possible and move on with other activities.

d. Easy access to materials

A professional deck builder knows where to procure high-quality materials and at affordable prices. Hiring an expert deck builder will save you the hassle of all these activities. You will also save some money since the price you will purchase the materials won’t be the same as that for these experts since they are usually well connected within the industry.

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