Pristine and Wondrous Freshwater Lakes in Lawrence, Kansas

“Experience the heavenly and peaceful waters from lakes of Lawrence!”

Our planet has so much abundance of water. It is mainly evident in our surroundings. According to Science sources, water on Earth primarily makes up around 71 percent of the planet. This number is a very considerable amount and is nearly unimaginable. Water is not equal in all parts of our world. We may find it in many different areas, even in the most secluded places. For instance, lakes are in various places that may or may not be accessible to people. Lakes are only approximately 0.013% of the waters on Earth. This percentage is evident and existent in the area of Lawrence, Kansas.

Lakes provide a scenic view for visitors. Aside from being a place for boating and other water recreational activities, lakes also accommodate people who want to chill and be near water. Lawrence, Kansas, is a place with fantastic and majestic lakes to enjoy. Read on the different lakes in Lawrence that are worth the visit. 

Lone Star Lake Park

Nothing beats a visit to the waters. The view is simply the best when you sit and see the panoramic view from where a lake sits. Nature is undeniably one of the most incredible comforts of life. The feeling of being together with nature is calming, relaxing, and tranquilizing. It’s like free therapy, as it is a quick way to ease and take your mind off from the noise, hustle, and bustle of your daily life. 

Lawrence, Kansas, has one perfect scenery ideal for those who want to chill, relax, and appreciate nature. Lone Star Lake Park is one of Lawrence’s finest unwinding places as it offers a fantastic view of nature. Lone Star Lake Park sits roughly 10 miles southwest of the city of Lawrence in the county of Lawrence, Kansas. In the early 1930s, the Civilian Lone Star Lake Park Conservation Corps began construction on the lake, dedicated in 1937.

There are many means to enjoy a stay at the lake. Luckily, Lone Star Lake Park has several methods to enjoy the lake. The place has various accommodations for visitors to enjoy. One highlight of the area is its campsite. The camping area of the site has electric hookups. What does this mean? With the use of a cable and a few plugs, an electric hookup allows you to connect your tent, motor home, caravan, or campervan to the electricity system and power your equipment. It includes the ability to have a functional power outlet in your tent while camping on a campsite with electric power outlets. To make use of this, all you have to do is fetch a cable and plug it into the power source, and after that, run it inside your tent. Camping is never a hassle in this area, and you may enjoy it without the stress of some issues like access to an electric source.

Moreover, you do not need to worry and be anxious about sanitation as well. The campsite offers a restroom for visitors at the campground. Aside from that, Lone Star Lake Park has camp hosts available for the campers’ needs. And when people are not visiting for a camp, they may seek to find the shelter areas available for picnics and group gatherings. The site is open for team buildings and conferences as it has a building usable and ready for rent. Lone Star Lake Park offers other amenities, including a volleyball net, a swimming beach, fishing but state permits, boating, and water skiing. The perfect site to visit a lake sits at 665 East 665 Road, Lawrence, KS 66047, USA.

Latitude and Longitude: (38.835260, -95.378270)

GPS Coordinates: 38° 50′ 6.936” N, 95° 22′ 41.772” W

Mary’s Lake

Another place to enjoy the lake sits at Lawrence, Kansas. Mary’s lake is one of the waters with a picturesque view that one shouldn’t miss when visiting Lawrence, Kansas. Since its inception, Mary’s Lake has been a popular destination for residents and visitors alike. In the 1970s, Lawrence Parks and Recreation collaborated with the property owners to make the lake and surrounding areas available for its Exceptional Summer Camps, simultaneously in conjunction with special education classes in the local public schools during the Spring and Fall seasons.

Mary’s lake is a seven-acre body of water with a boardwalk and fishing ports that nestles on the park’s southern boundary or side. A research pond is on the east side of the lake, near Prairie Park Elementary School by which experts and people utilize for various studies and researches. Unlike other lakes that offer amenities for recreational activities and camping, Mary’s lake has specific regulations that abide by Lawrence’s rules, Kansas. The area only offers fishing under the strict ordinance. What are the laws for fishing in Mary’s lake? It includes a valid Kansas fishing license is required for everyone over the age of sixteen. Aside from that, the daily limit for channel catfish is two, and the bass is less than 16 inches in length; the fisher must release it. Lastly, the state’s daily creel limitations are in effect as always. Mary’s lake park is for people who can really follow the rules and obey them diligently. With these regulations, you may appreciate nature and preserve them both at the same time. If you wish to visit the lake, it is at 2811 S Kensington Rd, Lawrence, KS 66046, USA.

Latitude and Longitude: (38.932370, -95.213070)

GPS Coodinates: 38° 55′ 56.532” N, 95° 12′ 47.052” W

Clinton Lake Outlet Park

If you are finding a place in Lawrence that has a lake and park, both at the same time, then you may enjoy paying a visit to Clinton Lake Outlet Park. Back then, approximately 1500 acres of land near Clinton Lake were up for long-term recreational use by the Lawrence City Commission in 1995 after the authorities between the Lawrence City Commission and the US Army Corps of Engineers approved and signed a lease agreement. Clinton Lake Park sits within the boundaries of this leased land.

The Clinton Lake Outlet Park is home to a variety of leisure possibilities. The Youth Sports Complex (YSC), the Clinton Lake Softball Complex, and the Eagle Bend Golf Course and Learning Center are all here. Moreover, the park features playground equipment, a horseshoe pit, and an open area. Additionally, Clinton Lake Park features two shelters with a combined capacity of 40-50 persons. Picnic tables, barbeque grills, water fountains, and bathrooms are available at the shelters. The lake and park sit at 1316 E. 902 Rd, Lawrence, KS 66046, USA.

Latitude and Longitude: (38.879080, -95.221610)

GPS Coodinates: 38° 52′ 44.688” N, 95° 13′ 17.796” W